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    Çünkü Omega 3 bizim işimiz
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Ocean, a very rich source of Omega 3, is one of the most important products of Orzaks, which has been founded in 2004 as the result of the collaboration between a group of pharmacists, medical doctors, and investors. Ocean has always been dedicated to providing highest quality pure Omega 3 oils to the customers, and has succeeded to become the number one product of choice in Turkey.

Ocean, providing pure and concentrated Omega 3 supplementation, offers a wide product range in liquid and capsule formulations. Ocean is analyzed by the IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards) in each lot, and has an approved 5-star quality with regard to guaranteed content and quality. Ocean has 10-fold higher purity than required by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Council of Responsible Nutrition limits.

Both children and adults alike will enjoy the Ocean Omega 3 range products to meet their Omega 3 needs thanks to their vitamin A- and D-free formula allowing usage both during the summer and winter months, natural triglyceride form allowing high absorption, and the superior taste as approved by the International Taste and Quality Institute.

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We deliver comprehensive information about our products and health related issues through social media including Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Also, we organize competitions activities, and social media projects in order to increase health awareness and contribute to public health.

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As a result of our dedication to social responsibilities and the appreciation of your support, we as Orzaks, provided a donation to KAÇUV (Foundation for Bringing Hope to Children with Cancer) on behalf of our supporting consumers and business partners. Our primary motivation to take firms steps toward our growth is your trust and support in our brand, and we will continue to share our values with the people of our country.


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